The 2019 Penguin Walk Is Back At The Calgary Zoo!

The 2019 Penguin Walk Is Back 

…all of my fellow singles know, you’re always on the lookout for new and unique date ideas. The higher the cute factor, the better the idea, really. Which is what makes this news so great. The 2019 Penguin Walk has arrived as The Calgary Zoo, and if this doesn’t charm whatever lady you’re seeing, it might be time to find someone with a less icy heart. SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE.

A Travis Barker Caddy’s Up For Auction

…if you’ve got an extra $90,000, you should consider buying one of Travis Barker’s old Cadillacs. It’s up for auction this week, down in Arizona, alongside a bunch of other cool whips:

Free Vodka For Artemi, For Life!

…and finally, the Columbus Blue Jackets really, really want Artemi Panarin to re-sign with them this summer, if not sooner. Panarin knows he’s got big value, and there’s already speculation that he wants to test the open market and see how crazy things get. Until then, it’s up to the Jackets and their city to pull out all of the stops to try and win Artemi over. The latest? A Columbus distillery offering Panarin free vodka for life, if he inks a new deal in Ohio:

And, when you consider he’s buried the OT winner in the Blue Jackets’ last two games, you’d understand why the swooning is ramping up in Columbus.