The Canadian Police Backstreet Boys Lip Sync You Didn't Know You Needed

Canadian Internet Was Great This Weekend

…I’ve got three great pieces of Canadian Internet to start with today. First, a Backstreet Boys lip sync video from the Saskatoon Police, that’s gone viral.

Next, a simple tweet from a CBC reporter in Edmonton. But check out the replies. This dude wound up with free dinners, donations, and work, from across the country. Pretty feel good stuff.

And finally, Seth Rogen’s Dad in full Vancouver Grizzlies gear.

Good work this weekend, Canadian Internet. 

Apple Music’s Changing Its Charts

…if you’re an Apple Music user, they’re rolling out some changes to their charts, which should give you an even better idea of what everyone’s listening to:

The Pens, Steelers & Pirates Pay Tribute To Mac

…and finally, rapper Mac Miller passed away from a drug overdose this weekend, at just 26 years old. This dude wasn’t just a big name in hip-hop, he was MASSIVE in his hometown of Pittsburgh. So the fact that the Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates all paid tribute to him shouldn’t surprise you: