The Winnipeg Jets' Third Jerseys Are Here, And, Uhh..

The Jets’ Thirds Are Here, And, Uhh..

…the Winnipeg Jets rolled out their third jerseys the other day, and you can understand why people are a little underwhelmed.

I don’t even know that it’s that bad of a jersey, it might just be that they set the bar pretty high with their Winter Classic jerseys a couple of years ago.

Or, maybe they should’ve thrown it back to the 90’s? THAT’s the jersey everyone can agree on.

Anyway, the Internet appears to be less than enamoured with the new Jets tarps. We’ll see how long they last.

A McDonald’s Walkout, Apple Vs The FBI

…a couple of interesting stories to follow with regards to a couple of the biggest brands in the world. First, it sounds like a bunch of McDonald’s employees are planning a walk-out, across America, at a pretty inopportune time:

And Apple? Yeah, they’re not going to create a backdoor in the iPhone for anybody, not even the FBI:

Weezer & Young The Giant Cover Blink At RiotFest

…and finally, after Blink 182 had to cancel their fall tour plans, something pretty cool happened at RiotFest in Chicago this weekend, a show the dudes were supposed to play. Two bands had the same great idea, covering Blink’s ‘All The Small Things’. 


And, Young The Giant. Apologies for the sh*t quality here, best I could find.

Get well soon, Travis: