There's Still One Band That Dave Grohl Hasn't Drummed For, That He'd Like To

Dave Grohl’s Still Got One Band He’d Like To Drum For

…Dave Grohl’s checked far more things off of his bucket list than you and I will likely every be fortunate enough to. Especially musically. But apparently, a dude who’s already made music with members of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Motorhead, and a litany of others still has musical dreams. In fact, there’s still one band that Dave hasn’t played with, that he’d really like to:

Casks For A Cause

…one of my favourite events of the year is nearly here. In fact, we’re down at Village Brewing whipping up one of the beers today! Casks for a Cause goes down next Wednesday, and serves as a nice little kickoff to the holiday season, benefiting a truly great cause, Give A Mile.

In case you’re not familiar, Give A Mile helps people visit terminally ill friends and family, using donated travel points and reward miles. Got some extra Air Miles? This is a great way to use ‘em, to do some good. If you wanna find out more, Casks for a Cause is a great way to learn more about the cause, and crush some delicious beer while doing so. See you there! 

Pray For Snow

…and finally, truthfully, I couldn’t care less about the arrival of ski & snowboard season. But, there’s a lot of those dudes reading this blog, so I figured you’d enjoy this clip, to further your excitement at the snow that’s fallen this week.