This Dude Is Not Fighting Cancer. A "Fight" Implies That Cancer Has A Chance.

Meet Sanjay. Sanjay’s Got Perspective.

…my buddy Graham and I have talked a lot about cancer over the past few weeks, for a few different. Last weekend, we took part in Kindle Pursuit, out at Camp Kindle, in support of Kids Cancer Care. Pretty incredible event, really recommend you look into it next year.

Before the event, during, and after, we talked a lot about some people we know who are fighting cancer, and the incredible perspective so many of them have. Like Graham’s buddy Sanjay, who’s got an unbelievable outlook:

Crashed Ice At Fenway!

…Boston is an incredible city to visit, really just a phenomenal spot. But I wouldn’t call February the best time to be there, necessarily. That changes this February, however. You could catch some hockey, some basketball, the Cheers pub, The Freedom Trail, the oldest pub(s) in America…and RED BULL CRASHED ICE AT FENWAY PARK:


…and finally, how are the guys over at South Park promoting their next season? By demanding to be cancelled: