Tom Morello Pays Tribute To Keith Flint And The Prodigy

Tom Morello Pays Tribute To Keith Flint And The Prodigy

Full dsiclosure? Wasn’t a fan of The Prodigy, and didn’t really know much/anything about ‘em until yesterday. Their lead singer, Keith Flint, died of a suspected suicide. I was flipping through Instagram after yesterday’s show, and came across this post from Tom Morello.

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Rest In Peace Keith Flint. I remember meeting Keith on tour in Australia. I didn’t know he was in a band, but what a good dude. I thought he was an Australian roadie. Later that year ran into him backstage at Pinkpop and said “hey! Good to see you! Who you working for?” He said “ I’m in a band, I’m here playing.” I said, “oh how nice, how was your show?” He said, “we are playing after Rage. We are headlining this festival.” I’m like, well I’m gonna check that out! One of the very few bands in history to kick Rage Against The Machine’s ass in a live setting. They were tremendous and Keith was an electric, powerful, compelling and dangerous frontman. I was very much influenced by them and continue to be. Had the great pleasure of running into Keith last summer and was reminded what a good and talented dude he was. Rest well, Firestarter. (Suicide can be prevented, you CAN get help: please go to

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So, I decided to look into it/them. Tom wasn’t kidding. They did play Pinkpop with The Prodigy, and man, those dudes were HUGE.

So, even if you weren’t a Prodigy fan, or super familiar with Keith Flint, those are some pretty cool props from a major name in rock. And Tom’s right, suicide is worth preventing. Something to think about today.

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