Toyota And Pizza Hut Team Up To Create A Pizza Cooking Pickup!

The Toyota/Pizza Hut Pizza Truck

…the future has arrived, friends. Sure, it’s a little Black Mirror-y, but beggars can’t be choosy. The robots will overthrow and murder us eventually, might as well enjoy technology until then. Toyota and Pizza Hut have combined to make your pizza experience even better, conjuring up a truck with a pizza oven built into the box:

Could Be Worse, We Could Have Man Eating Tigers.

…it can be a little tough to change your clocks for the fall & winter, knowing that we’ve got several months of cold weather on deck. So how about a reminder that maybe that cold isn’t so awful? We could live somewhere that man-eating tigers are a thing. They just took down a tiger that’d eaten at least thirteen people in India:

So, yeah. It might be +28 in New Delhi today, but maybe being almost thirty degrees colder and not having to worry about being eaten by a tiger is a better way to live.

The Beer Chug Celly

…and finally, how great was this celebration from Friday night’s Redblacks/Argos game?

Count your Calgary Stampeders’ punter as one player who’s interested in making this celly a trend.