VASELINE ALLEY: Vaseline Containers Keep Showing Up In NE Calgary!


Vaseline Alley RETURNS!

Vaseline Alley is back! What’s Vaseline Alley? Well, if you’ve never heard the name before, don’t sweat it, it’s news to me as well. Apparently, a bunch of Vaseline containers (some empty, others unopened?) starting showing up around 68th St and 16th Ave NE a few months back:

Anyway, apparently the Vaseline is back! It popped up on Reddit Calgary the other day:

Anybody have an idea as to what’s going on here?

Sounds Like The New Joker’s Good

If you’ve been skeptical about the new Joker flick, rest your ass assured. The early reviews are sounding good, with one dude describing Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker as “cinematic achievement on a high level”. That dude is one of the heads of the Toronto Film Fest:

The Stockton Slap Is Back On Saturday

And finally, just two sleeps away from UFC 241! This is one of the most stacked cards of the year, and has both casuals and diehards stoked! There’s lots of reasons to love Saturday’s fight lineup, but one of the biggest? The return of Nate friggin’ Diaz.

We haven’t seen much of Nate since his rematch against Conor McGregor three years ago. Here’s a nice little catchup with him, courtesy of ESPN.