WATCH: A One-Armed Calgarian Scores A MASSIVE Head Kick KO!


A Calgarian’s MASSIVE Head Kick KO!

Man, if you don’t know Jake Peacock, get familiar. Dude scored an unreal head kick KO in a muay-thai fight the other night, and if he keeps sleeping dudes like this, it won’t be long before he starts getting big, big phone calls.

Oh, and his story actually gets even cooler. He’s doing all of this with only one arm:

A Tool Fan Who Doesn’t Want New Tool?

I am doing absolute everything I can to contain my excitement, because we’re getting a new Tool album at the end of the month, and apparently, some new music today? While we wait, here’s an alternate perspective on new tunes from a band that’s laid dormant for the last thirteen years. A Tool superfan tells you why he DOESN’T want a new album from his favourite band:

The Caps Have Their Own Craft Beer, Why Not The Flames?

And finally, if this isn’t ammunition to get Tool Shed Brewing’s Red Rage into the new Calgary arena they’re gonna build, I don’t know what is. A “C of Red Rage” red ale sounds like a pretty delicious idea to moi.