WATCH: Brad Marchand Scores The OT Winner, And Then Does A Conor McGregor Impersonation

Brad Marchand’s McGregor Celly!

How good was Brad Marchand’s “McGregor” celly after scoring the OT winner in Boston on Saturday?

Conor took over the TD Garden on Saturday, hence the Marchand celebration. This whole thing looked really cool.

Coors Light, Fueled By Bud Light Negativity 

Some pretty savvy marketing here, from Coors Light. They’ve just unveiled a new “smart” tap, that rewards people with free beer, whenever Bud Light talks sh*t about them:

The Office Lego? You Can Make That Happen.

And finally, I know it probably feels too early to be thinking about Christmas presents, but stay with me on this one. Here’s how it works over at LEGO. You can submit ideas for sets you’d like to see, and if it gets enough support, LEGO makes it happen. And what could make for a better Christmas present for a Dunder Mifflin fan? So, you should probably go show your support for this idea: