WATCH: Here's Conor McGregor's Next Opponent Wrestling A Bear When He Was A Kid

Khabib Wrestling Bears As A Kid

…Happy Conor/Khabib Eve! Tomorrow night, we find out who’s better, the crazy Irishman with the heavy hands, or the undefeated Russian wrestler. How gnarly is Khabib? I was showing this video to Jesse the other day, to give him a bit of an idea. Khabib’s been wrestling since he was a little kid…WHEN HE WAS WRESTLING BEARS.

A Nirvana Reunion This Weekend?

…a Nirvana reunion? Looks like there might be one in the works, this weekend at the Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam festival:

Dunkin’s Got A Beer

…and finally, Dunkin Donuts has decided to get into the beer game, with a coffee porter: