WATCH: These New Quebec Marijuana PSAs Are WEIRD, Man.

These Quebec Weed PSAs Are A Trip

This is weird. I mean, we expected some weirdness with the legalization of marijuana. But these weed PSAs that they’re running in Quebec? Bizarre. Giraffe necks, ear hair, eye hair, women with cul-de-sac haircuts. It’s all very strange:

Billy Gets His Guitar Back

Cool story here, with Billy Corgan being reunited with a guitar he’d lost, almost thirty years ago. And the woman who had it had NO clue that was famous, or stolen:

Spider vs Style Bender

And finally, I’m constantly getting ragged on by Jesse for getting stoked about UFC cards, but I really feel like this one has appeal to the average dude. Anderson “The Spider” Silva, faces a guy who appears to be a mirror image of himself. 

And if that, and this hype video aren’t enough to get you interested.

How about Israel busting out a bunch of wrestling moves at the open workouts yesterday?

Trust me, don’t miss this fight tomorrow night.