WATCH: TSN's Humboldt Broncos' Documentary, '29 Forever'

29 Forever

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos’ bus crash, a tragedy that rocked our country, and shocked the world. As horrible as the event was, the outpouring of support was incredible. And the courage of the boys who survived? Unfathomable. 

Imagine trying to capture all of that in a sixty minute documentary. That’s exactly what TSN did. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to:

Seth Rogen’s Marijuana LPs

Not only is Seth Rogen getting into Canada’s weed game, he’s doing it creatively, with the help of music:

Joey Bosa In GoT

And finally, further indication of how big Game of Thrones is, the final season looks to have a cameo from an NFL star.

And he’s not the first dude to have one.