WATCH: What If 'Fresh Prince' Were A Gritty Thriller?

Fresh Prince, As A Gritty Thriller?

What if Fresh Prince were reimagined as a gritty thriller? That’s likely not a question you’ve ever asked, but it’s an answer the Internet has provided this week, with this fan-made trailer, which looks REALLY good. 

Make it happen, Netflix. 

Shelter Looks Weird…And Cool. 

What is Shelter? Hard to say, but I’ve gotta go, and find out. It’s got a lot of Calgarians talking, because of the cool decor, mysterious vibe, and sick cocktails. Easy to see why this place is causing a buzz:

Their Instagram is pretty gnarly, too. I’ll report back once I’ve been there to gather some intel.

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Yeah, That Last Game of Thrones Season Is Gonna Get Crazy

And finally, as if you’re not already pumped enough for the final season of Game of Thrones, now there’s word about just how crazy this final chapter is gonna get over on HBO. Apparently, there’s a battle scene that took THREE MONTHS to film: