What it's Like To Break Your Penis, According To A Dude Who Did.

Here’s What It’s Like To Break your D*ck

…I don’t need to warn you that this will be a painful read. It’s about a dude breaking his penis, so that should absolutely go without saying. What do you do when you break your penis? Well, after a bunch of medical procedures, you end up writing a book about the pain, apparently. Here’s the poor chap, how it happened, and an excerpt from said book: https://goo.gl/bYnugU

Ozark S3 Is A Go

…best news of the week? Netflix’s made the right call, and renewed Ozark for a third season, which I hope wasn’t absolute no-brainer: https://goo.gl/dHZr2o

A Rare Recording Of Teenage Jack White Covering Blondie

…and finally, this showed up online yesterday, and if you’re a Jack White fan, it’s pretty cool. What’s apparently his earliest recording, from late 1997. A teenage punk band decides to do a Blondie cover, and that lead vocalist should sound pretty familiar to you.