When The Office Becomes Real Life: Crowd Goes WILD Over DVD Screen!

When The Office Becomes Real Life

…when real life gives you a parody of an intro for The Office, you blog it immediately. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday, when this video went super viral. I don’t know the where/when/why behind this video, but I do know it’s my favourite thing on the Internet right now.

And, for anyone who didn’t get the reference..

Dan Carcillo’s Campaign Against Hazing

…a story that I was following last week, but neglected to share here, remember Dan Carcillo? The former NHL pest is running his mouth again, but this time about a pretty serious problem he’s got with hockey. More specifically, hazing in junior hockey: https://goo.gl/MPS4bq

London’s Medieval Murder Map

…and finally, obviously Calgary isn’t nearly medieval or murderous enough to boast this kind of tourism, but good for London! This medieval murder map is a pretty wild look the gruesome history of over 700 years ago: https://goo.gl/ErLcZY