WOAH, Bauer Hockey Just Signed A Professional Gamer To Their Roster.


Bauer Signed Nasher, But Who The F*ck Is Nasher?

How’s this for a sign of the times? Bauer Hockey just inked a professional gamer named Nasher to a deal.

Who the hell is Nasher? That’s the question I asked yesterday, too. And I don’t mean that disparagingly at all. It’s just really interesting to see a dude carve out not only a following, but a LIVING, just from playing/commentating on hockey video games. Good on him. 

Posty, Featuring Ozzy.

The news only gets stranger, friends. Post Malone’s dropping a new album right away, and that LP has a really interesting feature on it. A guest appearance…from Ozzy? Yes, really: http://bit.ly/2lS8v4K

The Best Whiskeys For A Fall Old Fashioned

And finally, with some cold, wet weather in the forecast, I’m thinking whiskey. Granted, I think whiskey when it’s hot, warm, cold, fair, essentially all of the time. But if the arrival of fall has you pondering (and craving!) an Old Fashioned, here’s some of the best whiskeys for it, according to bartenders: http://bit.ly/2lxXxBm