WOAH, The Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours Sound Cool As Hell.


The GTA 6 Rumours Are Already Insane

Keep in mind, these are just rumours. But, with any luck, there’s some truth behind them. Because if so, Grand Theft Auto 6 will friggin’ rule. Apparently, they’ve been working on this thing for seven years already, it’ll be themed after Netflix’s ‘Narcos’, and may even feature a female lead. Here’s the latest from the rumour mill: http://bit.ly/2LHqFBi

So Many Camps, So Little Summer

Summer may only be a few weeks old, but perhaps you’re already sick of having your kids at home, instead of the hands of the education system. So, here’s twenty real, crazy summer camps you can ship them off to next summer, including Spy Camp, Hollywood Stunt Camp, Lord of the Rings Camp, and Zombie Camp: http://bit.ly/32pMATw

Bokassa Might Be Your New Favourite Band

And finally, if you need some new music, and you’ve already had your fill of bro-country tunes down at the Stampede, meet Bokassa. I stumbled across these dudes a couple of weeks ago, and their new album ‘Crimson Riders’ is already one of my absolute favourites of 2019. Enjoy!