Wow, Dodger Stadium Just Changed The Concession Food Game


The Dodgers Just Changed The Concession Game

Good for Los Angeles Dodgers, man. They might’ve just changed the concession food game, and for the better. There might not be anything worse (within the first world, obviously) than waiting in line for a bite to eat or a drink to drank, while missing precious moments of a sporting event or concert. Well, at Dodger Stadium, no longer! As of yesterday, the Dodgers have partnered up with PostMates, to create a concession pickup zone at the park. Order the food you want on your phone, pay by credit card, and then get notified when its ready for you to scoop up. Screw Black Mirror, the future looks glorious from where I’m seated:

Nic Cage’s Chaotic NY Times Interview

Nicolas Cage did an interview with the New York Times the other day, and it’s gone pretty viral for pretty pretty obvious reasons. He said some pretty outrageous sh*t, including talking about doing mushrooms with his cat, detailing a relationship with his pet cobras who want to kill him, his failed marriages, and an unfortunate incident with a dinosaur skull:

A Case For Tool

And finally, if you didn’t understand the hype around new music from Tool yesterday, I get it.

They’re not for everybody. And, it’s been a long time since they were active and relevant. But before you dismiss that ten minute track that nearly broke the Internet yesterday, consider a bit of context, won’t you? First, how long it’s been since we had new music from this band. 

Second, the fact it’s far from their best work. It gets way crazier, and far more elaborate, and frankly, more rock and roll than what you heard yesterday.

And if none of the above evidence sold you, I submit this masterful cover of Led Zep’s ‘No Quarter’ as my closing argument. Zeppelin is largely un-coverable, in my mind. But Tool pulled it off, dammit.

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