Yes, There Are Researchers Playing Led Zeppelin To Cheese, To See If That Makes It Better

Does Zeppelin Make Cheese Better?

…I haven’t been this skeptical about something since Metallica announced they were releasing a whiskey that was specially crafted with sound waves:

But here we are, with news maybe even more asinine. To be clear, I’ve got nothing against cheese, or Led Zeppelin. But Swiss researchers playing Zeppelin to cheese in order to make it taste better? Come on:

Amazon’s Rolling Out Some New Perks For Christmas

…Amazon’s rolling out some new rules and perks for your holiday shopping. Great news if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you’ll get access the two day shipping option that us Prime folk love. And, for Prime members? Same day delivery for roughly three million items, which is killer:

Here’s All Of The Ghosts Hiding In Hill House

…and finally, if you’re not watching Netflix’s ‘Haunting of Hill House’, what ARE you doing, exactly? It’s not just great horror, it’s great TV, period. And, there’s a bunch of extra ghosts lurking in the background of shots. IMDB put ‘em all together.