Yes, You Can Anonymously Send Someone A Chocolate D*ck In A Box.

Chocolate Penis, Anyone?

I never know exactly who this kind of news is for. Is it for anyone who’s recently been dumped, and needs a way to vent? Is it for those of us still in touch with their inner Jackass, who just wants to prank a friend? Is it for disgruntled employees, who need to convey to their boss just how big of a prick they think he is? Regardless of who the target demo is here, perhaps all of the above, it has come to my attention that you can now send chocolate dicks in the mail, anonymously, for cheaper than you might be thinking. So, do with this information what you will:

“…And Then We Got Mario Kart Tattoos"

If you haven’t seen Braden Holtby’s piece for this month’s Players Tribune, it’s pretty great. He talks about growing up on a farm, how sports psychology changed his game (and life!), and why the Washington Capitals got Mario Kart tattoos:

New Crüe Isn’t Good, But The Movie Is, Apparently. 

And finally, some early impression of the Motley Crüe movie are pretty good.

The new song, with Machine Gun Kelly? Not so much.

This thing drops on Netflix two weeks from tomorrow. Bad new music aside, I'm looking forward to it.