Yes, You Can Book A WeedBnB In Toronto

A WeedBnB In Toronto!

…the times truly are a changin’. Hard to believe we’re a little over a month away from marijuana legalization in Canada. But, in case you had any doubts, here’s a reminder; an AirBnB in Toronto that’s at a weed dispensary:

The Saddest Easter Egg Ever

…it’s super romantic, in theory. You and your girl are into video games. So, you contact the makers of an upcoming Marvel video game, and ask about putting a marriage proposal into said game. To your delight, they’re into it! There’s just one problem when the game comes out, though:

Lemmy’s Last Vocals?

…and finally, here’s what might be the last vocals from Lemmy Kilmister before he passed away, a guest spot with a band Calle Leader of Down, that was just released a couple of days ago.