Yes, You Can Buy TOOL Wine In Calgary.

Maynard Wine? Calgary’s Got That.

Surely by now, you know that Maynard James Keenan from TOOL makes wine. And what he lacks in album making consistency, Maynard makes up for in wine quality. Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards are some really killer wines, with many different varieties. The only problem? Hard to find in Canada. The good news? Easier to find, if you’re here in Calgary. There’s only a few liquor stores in Canada that carry Maynard’s stuff, and they’re all here in Calgary.

If you’re looking for some killer wines, whiskeys, beers, or whatever else, Market Wines is where you’ll wanna go:

The World Fame 100 2019

This is always one of the coolest lists of the year. ESPN’s World Fame 100 is out, and it’s a little surprising…and also largely unsurprising in some aspects, too:

GoT Prosthetics, Man. Woah!

And finally, you’re now officially less than one month away from the final season of Game of Thrones, which kicks off on April 13th. The prosthetics? Crazy.