You Could Have A Seat From Rexall Place In Your House!

Wanna Buy A Rexall Seat?

If you’re a long-suffering Edmonton Oilers fan like me, your memories of Rexall Place are bittersweet. Sure, that was the building I saw my first hockey game in, and a spot where some other cool memories reside. But I was also an Oilers fan of the 90s and 2000s, meaning a good chunk of the Recall memories aren’t fond. Which means I’m not sure how to feel about the prospect of buying a part of the old barn. You can do that, right now. They’re selling seats:

Good Guy Keanu 

How about Keanu Reeves? In a day and age where the second you see a celebrity’s name in a headline you start wondering what they did wrong, Keanu’s getting attention for something solid; how he handles photos with female fans:

Steve-O’s New Van!

And finally, here’s Steve-O showing his badass new camper van, which is customized and cool as hell. Oh, and Bam Margera’s there, too. Looking sober and healthier than he did a few months ago. Just an all around really rad video!