Get A Hamster, Get More Tinder Matches. Like, 351% More.

Get A Hamster, Get More Matches.  

Oh boy, this is a potential game changer, if you’re willing to trust research, and really go for it. According to Zoosk and, there’s a secret to getting more matches on Tinder. 

Like, 351% more matches. 

The trick? A hamster. Yes, really. Apparently, a hamster will get you 351% more matches. In fact, animals might be the trick, because a sheep or an elephant can get you a serious spike, too:

And, before you hate on this, just consider how weird dating is in 2019. What have you really got to lose?

The Pokemon Satanic Panic

Pokemon’s big again, with Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Detective Pikachu’ doing well in theatres, and the trading cards being swapped by kids again. But let’s not forget a time not-too-long-ago, when Pokemon caused a Satanic panic:

Terry, Ricky, Julian & Bubbles

And finally, our buddy Terry Cahill is on the show today, offering up some advice for anyone looking to give’r this May Long weekend. In case you haven’t seen it, Terry just got back from a rip out to the Maritimes, where he bumped into the Trailer Park Boys!