Ramen Dogs & Pickle Popsicles? The 2019 Stampede Midway Menu Is Here!

The 2019 Stampede Midway Menu 

No offence to Christmas, but yesterday started/teased what’s the true most wonderful time of the year, for many people. The Calgary Stampede’s only 50 days away (I know, RIGHT?!), and the occasion was marked with the annual unveiling of the midway menu. And oh boy, 2019’s just as decadent and bizarre as we’ve come to love and expect. Breakfast cereal mini-donuts, butter beer ice cream, cheesy ramen dogs, deep fried chicken skin, deep fried twizzlers, flamin’ frog legs; the list goes on. Have a look, and start hitting the GYM hard. We’ve got a lot of calories to combat this summer: http://bit.ly/2E9FyI4

Hang With Pete, Bo & The Grey Cup Tomorrow!

Your boy Pete the Plumber has a pretty cool event tomorrow, with Bo Levi Mitchell, the Grey Cup, and a really great cause: http://bit.ly/2Jny6gp

Black Mirror S5!

And finally, the trailer for Black Mirror’s fifth season dropped yesterday! The only disappointing thing? We’re only getting three episodes. But, those episodes look wild, and they’ll be yours in less than a month.