10 Things You'll Overhear at CJAY92 Halloween Howler

10 Things You'll Overhear at the CJAY 92 Halloween Howler!


"I just made out with a demogorgon"


"I can't tell if that's a Pennywise or a Ronald McDonald"


"I can't tell if that's a fat Freddy Krueger or a Harvey Weinstein"


"Yo dude, Eleven is looking like a Ten"


"I am in love with pretty much every Harley Quinn here"


"Wonder Woman just beat the S*** outta me" 


"Hey man great Donald Trump Costume!"    "...I'm supposed to be jack-o-lantern"


"That dude is too wasted to drive so I hid his keys his Donald Trump's hair"


"I had to use my mom's housecoat to complete my Hugh Hefner costume...is that weird?"


"The girl I was dancing with just left with Jagr...and I'm not even mad"