3 Things To Look Forward To

1. The CJAY 92 Halloween Howler THIS SATURDAY! Featuring One Bad Son, Big Wreck, and The Headstones. Headstones are from Kingston, ON and at a recent performance they incorporated two Tragically Hip songs into their set. Here's a tune off their recent album 'Little Army'...heads up theres some colorful language in this song. 


2. Gord Downie's Double LP 'Introduce Yerself' is released Friday Oct. 27. It is certainly going to be a tough listen for Canadian music fans. It was recorded post Downie's cancer diagnosis and every song on the album has been described as a love letter to the close people in Gord Downie's life. No single has been released but I have read that the song "you, me and the B's" is a letter to his brother(s) about their mutual love for The Boston Bruins featuring hockey stick percussion...awesome. 


3. Stranger Things Season 2 is available for streaming this Friday October 27th just in time for Halloween. Season 1 came out last summer and quickly became a huge smash success...If you haven't watched it think somewhere between Spielberg's E.T. and Ridley Scott's Alien...it can be heartfelt...and it can be terrifying. It's Pure escapist entertainment and I'm very much looking forward to the new season...is Barb alive???