5 Things I'm Digging - Week of March 6th 2019

5. Shepherd's Pie 

What more do you need in a meal? When I was a kid Shepherd's Pie was not an exciting thing to have for dinner...oh, how things have changed. Kids are dumb. Shepherd's Pie is a gift. 

4. Led Zeppelin No Quarter Live 1973

Been on a Zeppelin kick for a little while now. How do four people make sound like this? Rocknroll kids, study up... 

3. The Heat Lamp Thing At 1st St C Train Station 

Standing under this thing for a few minutes can help ease the sting of your winter commute. 

2. The Movie 'Arctic' Only Playing at Eau Claire Theatre Until Friday Night

Cast Away, 127 Hours, and now Arctic. Dig survival movies? This movie about two people trying to stay alive in the arctic is the first great movie of 2019. Also, polar bears are f***in' terrifying! 

1. Butter Tarts 

...and the quintessential Canadian treat takes top spot this week. Specifically eating the filling with a spoon and then eating the pastry by itself. Life is good.