6 Motorcyclists Dead In Alberta In 2018

This has been a tragic start to the 2018 motorcycle season. It's really only been a few weeks that the motorcyclists have been out, and already six riders have died in Alberta, with the latest happening just last night. Four of those accidents were due to unsafe left hand turns by the driver of the car. People just don't take the time to look. Motorcyclists are already on high alert every time we ride. When we come up to an intersection and see that there is someone waiting to turn left, our sphincters tighten just a little bit. Does the driver see me? I know I'm looking right at them...they must see me. Then as you enter the intersection, and you see the car move just a touch, you are already on a path that most times cannot be changed. 

I have been cut off, turned in front of (but thankfully had an escape route) and squeezed onto the shoulder of a highway when a truck came out to pass. We riders know that what we do is dangerous, and we try to take steps to minimize our risks, but we need your help. We NEED you to take note of motorcyclists when you drive. We NEED you to take a second or third look before turning left. We NEED you to shoulder check. We NEED you to put your phones down. These are simple steps that can and WILL save lives. The lives of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. 

I speak for all of the fantastic people I have met through our love of biking. We all have scary stories to tell. You will never meet a biker that hasn't had a close call, and it's because people just aren't paying attention. So please...take notice of the bikes on our streets. We know that we are hard to see, so we try to make ourselves as visible as possible. We try to stay out of your way, and sometimes we have to speed to get ourselves out of a potentially dangerous situation that you may not think about. 

Please watch out for me, for my wife, for my son.


*video courtesy of YouTube user @matty22c

*image courtesy of CTV Calgary