72 per cent of us Canadian men live unhealthy lifestyles?!

Usually us Canadians do well with surveys with best place to live in the World, safest, happiest and so on.

I got into work this afternoon and read a report from Canadian Men's Health Foundation that 72 per cent of us Men live unhealthy lifestyles!

I'm like "What the Hell?! ...I thought we were killing it?!"

I'm bringing this up because I want us dudes to stay around for a while to enjoy our awesome lives.

The study was based on Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Drinking and Smoking with Saskatchewan and Manitoba scoring the worst on all 5 categories.

The good news about Alberta is that all of us are going to the gym and getting exercise more than everyone else, but I would still stay away from all the PEDs, Chemicals, Powders and Pills. That stuff could end you sooner than later.

62% of us have a horrible diet. Hey, I like my chips n' dip and Domino's Pizza though.

54% don't sleep enough. I myself am a late night movie watcher.

48% of us don't exercise though we do in Alberta, but just go the natural way of things, no drugs etc.

38% of us pound back the drinks too much. I myself don't drink much anymore but when I do it's sill fun!

20% of us smoke which is still quite a few. Smoking straight up stinks but I will hit a cigar when down in Phoenix hangin' with the Ladies...Hey-Oh!

Hey listen, don't let a study influence the way you live your life, or do I don't care, but at least we have surveys out there that give a crap about us Canadian men, so enjoy life!  You can find the entire report here on Canadian Men's Health Foundation site.