AC/DC To Tour? (the rumour that has some merit)


According to sources around the rock n' roll world is that ageless Rockers ACDC are set to announce a major world tour. (Now bear with me here, there’s a lot to process)

You see ACDC have gone through a lot over the last few years.

Sadly rhythm guitar player and main songwriter Malcolm Young passed away after a 5 year battle with dementia.

Drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty to drug and death threat charges in New Zealand (yes he can leave the country)

And lead singer Brian Johnson was either asked to leave or left on his own after strict warnings about his hearing. Leaving Axl Rose (gasp!) to fill in for the rest of their last Rock or Bust tour.


So why now are these rumours circulating? Well they never actually never stopped. An American DJ with some intelligence in the rock music field said they will absolutely tour again. 

Plus we all know ACDC guitar god Angus will call it quits when he can’t physically play anymore.

Positive news from Johnson’s camp is that his hearing or threat of hearing loss has diminished with the help of some hearing specialists plus he’s been singing on stage with bands like Muse  and Fleetwood Mac among others. (see below, he sounds great!)

Also Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd were spotted together outside a studio in Vancouver where they’ve recorded before.

And i'm not finished, another reason is that Slash says so! Hell the axeman even said bassist Cliff Williams who left the band in 2016 is in on the writing too! 

Where are we at the moment? Well there is nothing on AC/DC’s website...but the vibes, like every music site ( click here for a good source) are saying the world tour will be announced next week which if true, you will hear the announcement with Jesse & JD on CJAY mornings.


Chris Foord