Apply To Be A Canvas On Ink Master


The Spike TV Show Ink Master has it all in my opinion.

Art, beauty, ego, teamwork, breakdowns, lessons, competition and Dave Navarro!

Among the incredible Tattoo Artitsts that get on the show are also the real life canvas volunteers -everyday people. Some of them have so much personality that within the 2-3 seconds of air time I feel I want to know more about them! Perhaps a spin off show is in order.

Anyway I know I would like to be a canvas and if you would too well it's easy to apply. 

Thing is that they want you located in the New York tri- state area but when there's a will there's a way so perhaps an email to the powers that be or find and ex - flame that lives there.

Apply for Ink Master here.


Chris Foord

Now check Dave at his other job, guitarist in Janes Addiction.