Attempting the Beef Wellington Part I

As much as I love a good Thanksgiving bird I'm calling an audible this year and attempting the 'Beef Wellington.' It's the next logical step for me in the masterchef phase I've been going through. It very well may be the most ambitious thing I've done in my life. Today I picked up the goods...tomorrow I prepare it...Sunday I throw it in the oven...wish me luck! 

Here's the simplified Lew Recipe:

Go to your local butcher, who should be your best friend if your a true masterchef. My guy's name is Jeff and he's the man. "Jeff hook me up with 8 pounds of the sexiest tenderloin roast you have back there!" 

Take that meat home. Salt + pepper...sear that baby in a pan with olive oil. Let 'er chill. Grind up a bunch of mushrooms with salt and pepper, maybe some garlic, whatever your call. Then throw it in a pan and cook all the water out of the mushroom paste your making. Pastry with prociutto over top, then spread your mushroom stuff all over and then throw the roast on it...Is this making sense? you can probably find a more detailed recipe somewhere on the internet...but if you are still reading this- thanks! 

FINALLY you roll it all up like you'd roll a medicinal marijuana joint up for your Grandma. Throw some egg wash on top and pop it in the oven. BOOM.

I'll find out this sunday if it all goes this smoothly...

Lew Masterchef MacDonald