Busch Latte, Your Breakfast Beer (it's beer)


With Fall just around the corner, Men everywhere know that its that time of year where we all tend to meet up again.

Hockey, Football and Hunting among many other autumn things are just some of the reasons that this happens. Sometimes these meetups are out of town or include early mornigs which means early beverages.

This is where it gets good: See I want my morning beers to be just that - A Morning beer and the problem is that all your main brands are targeted for lunch, supper and parties. 

Well let me introduce you to Busche Latte. Advertised as just that... a clean, refreshing, revitalizing, energetic yet soothing, beverage designed for those mornings at the cabin.... check it out!


Cool right! and get this: its just Busch Light, 4.1% alcohol

But now you know you have a morning beverage because it just feels right. 

Oh and the latte part....means a 30 pack!

*only sold in some states. (bring this to Canada)


Chris Foord