Calgary SUN: Sunday April 9th 2017

If you are like me and not really sure who the Justice system works sometimes and how a guy like Vince Lee is walking the streets again. You may also be wondering what will happen with the Matthew De Grood case and how you explain that to your kids? There is a day set aside to help us understand how decisions like this are made and make it easier for us to understand the courts system in general.

The Canadian Bar Association (Alberta Branch) will be holding its 35th annual Law Day on Saturday April 22nd from 9am till 3 pm down at The Calgary Courts centre at 601-5thg Street S.W.

Law Day is a free event and also family friendly informative event promoting access to justice to explain anything you might be wondering and to give information on the legal profession should you want to enter that field.

I’m sure you will have questions like “How come people are released when it takes too long to get case to trial?” or “ How is a judge hired and what does it take to be one?” Another great question might relate to recently disgraced Judge Robin Camp who was forced to resign before being fired after that very unfortunate rape case, all very interesting scenarios.

There will be tours of the Courts Centre including the new secure state of the art courtrooms, Sheriff’s traffic patrol cars, and prisoner transport vehicles and all the other stuff you wouldn’t normally have access to view.

They will also be doing real life Calgary Police Service CSI demonstrations so you can see how it compares to the stuff you see on TV cop shows, they will also answer any questions relating to the real deal of forensics.

Law day will also feature highly popular and fun mock trials and interactive demonstrations with volunteer lawyers and Courts Centre staff in costumes, our own JD Lewis from CJAY92 will take part in the “R vs. Batman” trial and others include “Despicable Me” and the musical “Cinderella vs. Elsa”.

More than 50 information booths and exhibits will be set up representing law-related services to show you what’s available should you need to pursue heading to court with someone.

With the recent troubles at the American Border The Canadian Border Services folks can sort out the truths from the untruths and answer any questions on what goes on at both the Canadian and American crossings.

Other stuff included in this fabulous day is Wesson the detector dog with a display of confiscated items, Calgary Fire Department Safety Trailer, Pro Bono Law Alberta, SAIT Legal Assistant Program and Bow Valley College Legal profession educational services.

There will also be the swearing in of 100 new Canadians at the Citizenship court that will be open to the public as we welcome refugees fleeing their countries for a much better life here in Canada and Calgary.

More educational opportunities related to the law and possibly wanting to be a lawyer will be available along with “Try a Trial” where you can take part with real law professionals in a mock trials with actual court clerks and volunteer lawyers.

This entire day is a great and fun way to answer any questions you might have regarding the law, the border or the law profession and once again everything is free and you wont see that situation many times when mentioning advice from a lawyer.