Checkout Record Store Day Artist List including cool AC/DC Release

Not only is Record Store Day a day to celebrate independent record stores around the World, but also the limited edition releases of the Artists we love. 

Record Store Day is on Saturday April 21st with over 500 new releases ready to launch this year. Artists such as Prince, David Bowie, Chuck Berry, ABBA, Rage Against the Machine, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and more will be available to buy with most being limited editions.

The coolest release for me is AC/DC with their re-release 1980's Back in Black. BUT! not on vinyl. No, they're releasing it on Cassette Tape through RCA Records with all original packaging. Only 2500 copies will be available around the World, so if you get a copy you're one lucky Record Store Day Customer!

Oh, and by the way, thought you Rock Fans would like to know that the Back in Black album is now #2 most albums ever sold on the planet behind Michael Jackson's Thriller at 66 million. Not bad in a World dominated by Pop and Rap. Hey, the Masses are Asses.

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