Company gives Non-Smoker employees 6 extra days vacation!

A company in Japan was noticing the wasted time its employees needed to step away from work to take smoke breaks during the day. Instead of Managing the various employees through persuasion or penalty, it gave incentives to its Non-smoking employees of an added 6 days vacation a year.

Now we all know and work with people that smoke. I myself don't really care that a coworker smokes, I figure they're professionals at it and can manage their time wisely throughout the day. What surprised me was all the smoke break time added up throughout the year.

You figure 3 smoke breaks a day at 10 minutes per break, so average 25-30 minutes a day times 5 days. 2.5 hours a week:?! X 52 weeks = 130 hrs! I'm thinking either I start smoking OR put a suggestion box ballot in to the CEO and take 6 days extra vacation a year like the the Japanese company. I have nothing against smokers at work but when you add up time like that it makes you wonder where the incentive comes for working full time hours! 

Maybe install a nap room for us non-smokers? Wait, free massage once a week? Or translate the vacation time into a bonus at the year end?

I guess the end result is the question of ...Do you think Non-Smokers should get an added incentive at work? I feel a Twitter Poll coming on tonight during the show.