Emotional Classic Car Auction Stuns Family In Red Deer.

This is one of the greatest acts of kindness I have ever witnessed. Way to go Red Deer, absolutely amazing.

Tragically Brent and Nicole Keryluke were killed on May 5 after the motorcycle they were driving collided with a truck near Innisfail. They were 35 and 34 years old.

They had 2 beautiful children three-year-old Liam and six-year-old Arielle, are being cared for by grandparents with help from other members of the family.

Brent was working on a classic car that he wanted to keep in the family before he died. Unfortunatly the grandparents needed to sell the car to help take care of their grandchildren that are now with them fulltime. 

What happened at the auction is nothing short of absolutely amazing. The hearts of the people of Red Deer shown here is unbelievable. 

Check this out. 


The car was bought 3 seperate times and donated back each time giving the family over $100,000 and their classic car back to keep in the family.

Red Deer, you are good people.