Gerry's Calgary SUN Column: Thursday April 27th

You may have read or seen the story last weekend when KidSport Calgary’s recycling containers were hit by heartless thieves who managed to target all 21 containers that were scattered all across the city at schools.

KidSport is a non-profit group that helps financially with tens of thousands of kids who can’t afford to take part in organized sports because of limited family funds, they pick up the tab and even arrange sports equipment for the children as well as get them signed up in leagues.

We have been working with our buddy Kevin Webster who is the executive director of the Calgary Chapter to try and replenish the funds that were stolen just a week ago.

Myself, JD Lewis, and Jesse Modz have teamed up to do a massive bottle drive down at CJAY92 to try and get some cash back in the charity coffers and help the kids.

Tomorrow we are manning the loading docks behind CJAY 92 to collect bottles from anyone who would be kind enough to detour and drop them off on their way to work.

Thanks to some 30 bars and restaurants we have contacted to save their weeks haul and give it to us for KidSport and the kids that are part of the program.

You will be pleased to know other have stepped up to help repair and strengthen the recycle donation boxes so this doesn’t happen in the future and now its our turn to rally together to try and get this recycling effort over the top.

We will be at 1110 Centre Street North in the alley waiting for folks to drop by and give us their empties from 6 till 10 am, they will be hauled away in a 30 foot trailer and taken to a safe stash before redeemed for cash at the bottle depot on the weekend.

If you can see it in your heart to take a little time out of your day to help the kids it would be appreciated by families all over the city that will see their youngsters back on the field, diamond or ice this following year.

Kevin Webster would like to thank everyone who has already helped and we are counting on many more tomorrow, when Calgary faces adversity everyone pulls together, see at the dock in the morning kind people.