Gerry's Calgary SUN Column: Thursday March 2nd 2017

We head into the third month of the ol' NDP carbon tax and Rachel says the folks of Alberta are getting used to it and the fear mongering should dissipate soon, kind of condescending talk from the lady who told us to ride the bus.

With more and more people losing jobs and many barely making ends meet it’s becoming a major topic of discussion in offices and pubs all over the city,

They promised cheques for many and help for those in the coal industry and other affected by the new policies that nobody wanted in the first place.

The Premier says we can’t lag behind when it comes to climate change and says without this the pipelines wouldn’t have been approved which is more than a bit of nonsense.

You have already noticed the huge jumps at the pump, the local eateries have changed their menu’ pricing adding a dollar to almost every item on the al a carte menu and booze has shot up too. The Canadian Taxpayers association says it will probably cost your family about $2,500 dollars a year much of that coming out of a budget that is already stretched.

The folks south of the border don’t have to deal with this nonsense, I just got back from vacation in Arizona and filled the car for 30 bucks, bought a beer for 2 dollars and came back with more in my bank account balance compared to staying here for two weeks.

The government admits that the carbon tax will reduce Alberta’s economy by 0.4% of the GDP and next year tax continues to grow while they just keep spending.

You would think they would throw some of that slush money into the Justice Dept because it’s a mess right now, on Tuesday 15 cases got stayed including assaulting a police officer, failing to appear and 13 other separate charges.

The majority of Albertans would like the money to be spent where we need it and putting people behind bars who are guilty might be a start.

Creating jobs that feed households might not be a bad idea either, not just the part time positions that are available without any benefits.

I have invented these little reminders to keep you fighting the good fight and thinking about our situation right now with the province in the toilet.

So I am dropping these off at bars around town as a gift to keep it top of mind, look for an NDP urinal puck at a bar or restaurant near you, I was going to sell them but I’d be no better than the government if I did, so they are free.