Here's how to get the flu virus out of your house!

The flu sucks enough as it is, but when it keeps returning and you just can't seem to kick'll drive you a little bonkers. Not a fun time at all.

 So if that's what's going on in your life right now or if someone in your home keeps getting the flu, take a look at THIS ARTICLE  to see how you can get the flu virus out of your house completely. Here's a quick breakdown of the tips in the article:

  • Stop touching your face! Your hands are disgusting. Don't put them near your mouth hole. Or nose holes.
  • Use steam to kill the virus. 
  • Disinfect the TV remote. And the light switches. And the door handles. And faucets. And anything else your disgusting, dirty, flu-infested hands have touched a lot in your house.
  • Wash your damn hands. None of that quick-rinse-with-water BS either. Hospital grade hand washing is something you need to start doing. Which means longer than 2.5 seconds of rinsing with water. It also means soap. Be a big boy/girl. Just wash your hands properly.