Jerry Seinfeld from "No" to "It's Possible" for reunion?

Only reason I'm giving a Seinfeld Reunion hope is because I caught Jerry on the Ellen show today and he was asked (for the millionth time) if he could see a reunion happening. For the past 20 years Jerry Seinfeld has been asked about a show reunion and his answer has always been a definite "No" followed by a high pitched "Why?".

..But, for the first time today Jerry answered Ellen "It's Possible"  20 years of "No" and finally an "It's Possible"  

Just like the last 20 years of movies with all the remakes so to now is network television, except with the original cast reprising their TV roles. Will & Grace, Roseanne, Murphy Brown, Full House, (maybe) The Office and apparently more to come from the past. So why not a Seinfeld reunion now, perfect time wouldnt' you think? Honestly, I don't care if it doesn't, the show holds up in syndication and is still fun to watch.