Keanu Reeves gets stranded with emergency flight passengers so organizes a bus back to LA!

Last week John Wick himself Keanu Reeves was on a public flight with people from San Francisco to Los Angeles which had to make an emergency landing.

The flight made it safely to Bakersfield Airport which is 100 miles away from where the original flight destination was to have landed.

Keanu Reeves quickly organized a bus ride for everybody stranded by the emergency landing.

There have been so many stories of Reeves helping various people and strangers over the years, plus the fact he travels on public flights and transit is legendary.

Maybe the rest of Hollywood elite should follow by his lead?

Anyways, Keanu was tour guide on the bus and even acted as DJ playing music off of his phone for everyone to enjoy.

A quick stop for a burger:

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One last photo after a long day:

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