Larry David on the "Chat & Cut"

           One of the best things about living in Jesse from the Morning Show's basement is that he has HBO On Demand. So in my one month of living here in Calgary I have been ripping through the all the Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes. I've heard it described as Seinfeld on HBO...which is a pretty accurate way to desribe it. I know I'm incredibly late to the 'Curb' party but now that it is back on air it's not the worst time to jump aboard. You really can't go wrong with those observational "Oh My God, thats so true!" type bits. Take for instance the "Chat & Cut" as seen in the video...where people disguise their line cutting by initiating conversation with someone. Prettay...Prettay...Prettay Good. 

-Lew MacDonald 

Curb Your Enthusiasm is on Sunday Nights on HBO.