Since I have moved in with Jesse from the Morning Show at the beginning of September we have been locked in high stakes combat...Playstation combat. It started out innocently enough, a few friendly games of Madden and NHL. The second we decided to throw an innocent $20 on a game everything changed. Now we have been both become degenerative gamblers and we can no longer play just for fun. It's especially damaging for me since my skillset is not YET at his level. 

A few days ago we agreed on this wager. NHL 2018. 10 games. I'll I have to do is win ONE...the wager is $100

Here are the results thus far...

GAME 1 Loss 15-1                                            GAME 6 TBA

GAME 2 OT Loss 4-3                                        GAME 7 TBA

GAME 3  Loss 5-0 (Mercy)                                GAME 8 TBA

GAME 4  Loss 5-0 (Mercy)                                GAME 9 TBA

GAME 5  Loss 6-2                                             GAME 10 TBA

At this point in time I am encouraging any words of advice.