Love YYC Day Is This Weekend!

#LoveYYC Day!

…tomorrow is #LoveYYC Day, and really, the timing couldn’t be better. The cold weather has arrived, and the days are visibly shorter. The Olympic arguments have been exhausting. And, holiday stress is right around the corner. So what better time than now to stop and remember everything we love about this city, and what makes it a great place to live. There’s over fifty ways to celebrate, with all kinds of deals around town tomorrow:

Why Twitter’s Freaking Out About McDonald’s Sprite

…it’s been a weird couple of days over on Twitter, which is already a weird place to begin with. The latest? People freaking out over Sprite. But not your everyday Sprite, by the case, or by the litre. No, more specifically, McDonald’s Sprite, which is apparently WAY different:

Sandler’s ‘Phone Wallet Keys’

…and finally, apparently Adam Sandler’s new comedy special for Netflix is really great. If you’re not sold based on that first sentence alone, that’s fair. Dude hasn’t exactly been wildly funny over the last ten years or so. But, it’s got a 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating, and here’s a little snippet of him mocking modern hip hop: