Mourning Moon

"Gord has written songs that have harkened to all the significant events in our lives as Canadians for the past almost three and a half generations whether it'd be exhilaration at a wedding, or a graduation, or a concert...or in time, of heartbreak. We remember Hip songs that take us back, that are anthemic touchstones to the significant events in our lives" -Dan Aykroyd ​

I remember being a kid and giggling at the abstract breasts on the cover of 'Fully Completely' with my older brother. 

I remember my Dad letting me sing the 'f' word in Fireworks...It's okay because it's rocknroll

I remember my Dad coming up with 'Hipeponymous' tucked in to his back jean pocket...watching 'That Night in Toronto' in the basement, volume cranked, with him and my brother. 

I remember listening to the premiere of 'World Container' late at night on my alarm clock radio. 

I remember seeing them...seeing him, for the first time in Brockville, ON. ​Waving his hanky in the air, revving the mic stand like a chopper, holding the mic to his heart. 

I remember in 2009, Gord asking to get a spotlight on radio legend Glenn Williams 'G' who was battling ALS. "Are you going through something? then we are too" 

I remember moving to Northern Alberta...I was missing home...I drove around late at night with 'yer favourites' cranked did the trick.

I remember flying home August 20th to Kingston, ON...joining the crowd of thousands in Market Square (and the country of millions) to sing out every line as loud as possible, arms around each other.  

I remember...I remember Buffalo. 

-Lew MacDonald 10/18/2017