New Canadian coin that's out of this world.

The Royal Canadian Mint has a new coin for sale that commemorates 'The Falcon Lake Incident'. A dude named Stefan Michaluk saw two objects decend from the sky in May of 1967. When he approached them, they took off into the sky and their exhaust started his clothes on fire. I was pretty sure there had to be a mention of beer in this story...and there was:

The coin is actually pretty cool. Glows in the dark as well! They really should have put a few beer on the coin as well.

Check it out here:|categorypage|1_oz_Pure_Silver_Glow-in-the-Dark_Coin_-_Canadas_Unexplained_Phenomena_The_Falcon_Lake_Incident_-_Mintage_4000_2018|Shop-New_Releases_&



*Photo via The Canadian Mint