New Hendrix Album in 2018!

The greatest achievement of a musicians career is to have their music live on and inspire others after their death. A grammy can't give that to you, a Juno, an American music award or an MTV award and so on. So sorry Kanye, it just doesn't matter.

Jimi Hendrix would have to be the greatest at having his work live on to this day. Yes I know Elvis and Michael Jackson are quite notable pop stars and will always be remembered, but Jimi Hendrix has that historical past meets present IT factor that will always remain.

The Jimi Hendrix Estate continues to back his legacy with a new Jimi Hendrix album in 2018. 13 unreleased tracks during the Band of Gypsys era. The album is titled Both Sides of the Sky and scheduled to be released March 9 2018. More on the story